Hosting an External Event to Benefit the Foundation

Hosting an external event is a great way to support the Issaquah Schools Foundation while enjoying an evening with friends or another fun social activity.

What is an external event?

External events raise funds for the Issaquah Schools Foundation but are not under the Foundation’s immediate control. They are hosted independently by individuals or organizations who support the Foundation’s mission. The cost of the party is the host’s financial contribution to the Foundation.

Why host an external event?

External events are enjoyable to host and accomplish several goals:

  • Introduce community members to the Foundation through current donors.
  • Break in to untapped communities through current Foundation supporters.
  • Introduce an easy-to-incorporate fundraiser into an already popular gathering or event.
  • Encourage donors to reach out to their friend groups.
  • Have fun while raising money for a nonprofit you believe in.

How do I host an external event?

The following resources will help you plan an external event. Please note that in order to observe charitable IRS laws, you must obtain approval before hosting an external event benefiting the Issaquah Schools Foundation. Please fill out either the External Event Proposal or the Nourish Every Mind Party Submission Form. Downloadable documents are available below.

External Events Guide & Planner

External Event Proposal Form
Nourish Every Mind Party Submission Form

Event Wrap Up Form (This link will generate a downloadable Excel file on your toolbar.)