Giving Tuesday Educator Honorees

These educators were honored by YOU for their hard work and dedication to our students.
Thank you for making a gift in their honor.

Educators have an incredible impact on our children every day. Did a special teacher make a difference for your family? Give a gift as a tribute to their hard work and dedication. We will notify them electronically of your donation, pass on your short tribute and list their name on our website. Thank you for supporting the educators of our community! Make your tribute gift here!

Are YOU going ‘All Out’ to be ‘All In’ for Kids?

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How can YOU contribute to a great education for your child?

We ask you to go ALL IN with a monthly gift to our All in for Kids campaign TODAY!


Did you know?

To make your child’s education the best – it all comes down giving a little more than $1 a day.

The average family donation is $33.67/month ($404 a year).

With a little over $1 a day, YOU support programs that:

* Advance Academic Achievement
* Support Struggling Students
* Promote Professional Development
* Connect Students to their Futures

With your monthly gift – You have the power to Fuel Success for Every Student, in Every School.

We again thank you for supporting our students – at any level!

Support a student today and help us meet our campaign goal of $516,000!



*Campaign total amount as of 12/1/16

Learn about the power of your gift that fund programs such as Cultural Bridges:


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