Programs and Grants at Sunny Hills Elementary



Cultural Bridge for Education Funded Annually
Dedicated Fine Arts Fund (PTSA Art Docent Coordinator and Training) Funded Annually
Early Learning Provider Training Funded Annually
Healthy Youth Initiative (BEST, Influence the Choice, Basic Student Needs, Tools4School) Funded Annually
Highly Capable (MERLIN and SAGE) Support Funded Annually
National Board Certification (NBC) Scholarships for teachers Funded Annually
New Curriculum Adoption Support (Math, Writing, Reading, Science) Funded Annually
New Teacher Classroom Start-Up Funds Funded Annually
Pre-K Summer School Funded Annually
PTSA Parent Education Series Funded Annually
Scratch Coding Club- After School Enrichment Funded Annually
Special Services Program Support (Special Needs) Funded Annually
Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE) Mentor Program Funded Annually
STEM Family Engineering Night 2017
Teacher Recruitment and Retention 2017
Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human (Destigmatize Mental Health) 2016
Touch the Next Generation of Learners 2016
Kindergarten Readers 2015
Kindergarten Readers 2014
Elementary Writing Curriculum Support – Professional Development for Teachers 2013
Literacy Program support for K-5 Libraries 2013
Building Character and Healthy Habits Through Golf (District Wide) 2012
Elementary Literacy Curriculum Support – Leveled Book Rooms in all Elementary Schools 2012
Updated Library Media Collection to Enhance Instruction 2012
District Wide Visual Arts Lessons K-5 2011
Elementary Science Initiative – New Science Curriculum for all elementary grades 2011
Key Links Reading Program 2011
Benchmark Education: Start Up Books and Posters 2010
Geologist Visit 2010
Learning Music Through Technology 2009
School Subscription to 2009
Microscope Integration into ISD Elementary Science Curriculum 2008
Pedometers for Healthy Living! 2008
School Subscription to 2008
Comprehensive Reading Assessment 2006
Little Sing Along Alphabet Books 2006
The Year of American Art and Music 2006
Student Play Grant 2005