It’s Grant Season!  The Issaquah Schools Foundation was formed in 1987 as a grant-making organization in response to inadequate state funding and the community’s desire to ensure our students received the best possible education. That tradition continues today with the Foundation’s Kateri Brow and Classroom Enrichment Grants.  Because the grants originate from educators who see the need or opportunity, grants serve as the earliest indicator of need and the brightest source of innovation for our students . Our goal in funding these grants is to pilot innovative solutions and, where possible, to leverage those solutions across the district so every student may benefit.

All teachers, administrators and parents within the Issaquah School District are eligible to apply for a grant.


Grant applications are only accepted on-line.

2016-2017 Timeline

Classroom Enrichment Grants (up to $1,000) and Kateri Brow Big Idea/Biggest NeedGrants (up to $10,000)

November 3, 2016 Grant Writing Workshop, 5:30pm, Issaquah Valley Elementary

PDF versions of applications FOR REFERENCE ONLY

November 4, 2016 2016 -2017 GRANT APPLICATIONS

Supporting Documents:

January 8, 2017 Grant Submission Deadline, 8pm
March 3 Classroom Enrichment Grant Winners Announced
March 7 Kateri Brow/Biggest Need Grant Presentations
March 24 Kateri Brow/Biggest Need Grant Winners Announced
May 10 Grant Recipients Presented to School Board

If you have any questions regarding the Grant application process, contact Sara Miller, Lindsey Hatch or Carolyn Kramer at or call the Foundation office at 425.391.8557.

Grant Evaluations

Grant recipients are expected to complete an evaluation of their grant.

Grant Recipients are also required to submit Thank You cards or notes for the Foundation to reproduce and send to donors. For Professional Development Grants, teachers may write the notes. For grants involving students, we encourage recipients to ask students, parents and interested others to share their positive experiences.

Both components of the Evaluation must be received from Recipients before future grant applications will be considered for funding.