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The FutureMap Program brings together education and industry to help students and job seekers achieve their goals and address communities’ workforce development needs. FutureMap provides powerful tools for students and job seekers and adult career searchers, community businesses, educators, and local system administrators.

What is a FutureMap Career Coach?

As a FutureMap Career Coach, you have the opportunity to offer students work-based learning experiences by fostering:
1.    Online, industry-specific discussions
2.    Guest speaking opportunities
3.    Company tours/Job shadows
4.    After-school internships
5.    Employment opportunities
FutureMap Career Coach Guide

Why should I get involved?

1.    Make a positive impact by simply sharing your experience, advice, and story.
2.    If you can email, you can help.  Anytime.  Anywhere!
3.    There is no minimum time requirement or pressure to meet in person.
4.    Your personal contact information is protected, but you still have the ability to showcase your business and professional experience
5.    Foster and develop the specific skills your company is looking to hire at a local workforce level Personal

What can I expect?

With no minimum time requirement, you can share your personal and professional experience and advice with students by answering questions posted to industry-specific discussion boards. You will be identified only by username and avatar, and are only notified by email when a student has posted a question to board specific to your area of expertise.  There is no need to proactively monitor or login… just click and reply!

How do I offer more to students?

Career Coaches also have the option to offer students the opportunity to learn more about your professional industry and/or company through work-based learning activities (WLAs).  These activities include job shadows, company tours, after school internships, and entry-level employment opportunities.  Unable to host students at your place of work?  You can still offer work-based learning value by adding yourself to the Guest Speakers Bureau, which serves as a resource to teachers and career specialists.

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Ways to Register

**For the purposes of student safety, this registration requires a Issaquah School District policy background check.

If you are a current Issaquah School District Volunteer:
*This process takes about 1 minute.

1. Login to your ISD VAS account
2. Select “Update Application”
3. Check “FutureMap Career Coach”
4. Save changes
*This process takes about 1 minute.

If you are NOT a current Issaquah School District Volunteer:
*This process takes about 10 minutes
*You MUST have a a scanned image of your Driver’s License ready to complete registration.

1. Select “Register”
2. Create account information
3. Check “FutureMap Career Coach” on “My Profile” Page
4. Follow and complete screen prompts to complete “My Checklist”

*TIP: Don’t have a scanned copy of your driver’s license?  Take a picture with your cell phone, email it to yourself, and save it to the computer you’ll be registering from.








Contact: Valerie Krock
FutureMap Program Manager, valerie@isfdn.org

The Issaquah School District nor The Issaquah Schools Foundation makes no representation, warranty or guarantee about the activities listed on FutureMap. Issaquah School District staff does not prescreen employment or internship opportunities that are submitted to FutureMap; individuals serving as career coaches have been approved through the Issaquah School District Volunteer Application System process.  By using the resources available on FutureMap, you are agreeing that you will not hold the Issaquah School District nor The Issaquah Schools Foundation responsible for your safety, security, wages, working conditions, fraudulent, or other aspects of any off-campus employment/internship opportunities that you discover while using Issaquah School District nor The Issaquah Schools Foundation resources or to which you might be directed by Issaquah School District staff.